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Aerogel Products

Classic Monolithic (Shaped) Aerogels

Aerogel Technologies is the world’s largest manufacturer of monolithic (shaped) aerogels and the world leader in shape control of aerogel materials. Read more about our products below.

Classic Silica™ aerogels

Our Classic Silica™ aerogel monoliths are the world’s most popular monolithic aerogel material.  We manufacture Classic Silica in a variety of shapes, sizes, and densities, including:

  • Discs, blocks, cylinders, and tiles
  • Densities ranging from 0.04 g/cc to 0.2 g/cc
  • Hydrophilic (water-absorbing) and hydrophobic (water-repelling, see below) formulations

Classic Silica offers advantages for numerous scientific and engineering applications, including:

  • Chemisorption
  • Chromatography
  • Diffusion control media
  • Time-release substrates
  • Battery media
  • Low-profile thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Particle detection (e.g., Cherenkov detectors)
  • High-temperature thermal insulation
  • Optics
  • Materials with engineered electromagnetic properties
  • Demonstrations, education, and curiosity

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Hydrophobic Silica Aerogels

Monolithic hydrophobic silica aerogels from Aerogel Technologies are specially formulated to repel polar liquids and sorb non-polar liquids, making them ideal for applications where exposure to moisture, humidity, liquid water or other polar solvents prohibit the use of Classic Silica™ aerogels.  Example applications include:

  • Chemical spill cleanup
  • Chemisorption
  • Chromatography
  • Diffusion control media
  • Time-release substrates
  • Oil recovery
  • Low-profile thermal and acoustic insulation
  • High-temperature thermal insulation
  • Microwave and RF induction heating processes

Aerogel Technologies produces hydrophobic silica aerogels in the same shapes, sizes, and density ranges as our Classic Silica aerogels.

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Carbon Aerogel Precursors—RF Aerogels

Carbon aerogels are high-surface-area, electrically conductive porous substrates with tremendous utility in energy storage, catalysis, and carbon materials synthesis applications.  Monolithic resorcinol-formaldehyde polymer (RF) aerogels from Aerogel Technologies are a convenient starting point for preparing engineered high-surface-area carbon architectures of your own.  Applications of RF-derived carbon aerogel materials include:

  • Supercapacitor and ultracapacitor electrodes
  • Battery electrodes
  • Carbon-supported heterogeneous catalysts
  • Carbon nanotube growth catalysts
  • Desalination electrodes
  • High-temperature insulating materials

RF aerogels from Aerogel Technologies are easily converted into carbon aerogels by heat treating under inert atmosphere (pyrolysis) and can be loaded with active materials through facile solution-based and vapor infiltration techniques.

In addition to carbon aerogel preparation, unprocessed RF aerogels are excellent thermal insulators, low-density, and more compliant than comparable density Classic Silica™ aerogels.

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Aerogel Particles and Blankets

Aerogel Technologies distributes industrial aerogel materials specially engineered for applications in the construction, daylighting, oil and gas, and HVAC industries manufactured by our partners Cabot Aerogel and Aspen Aerogels.  Read more about these materials below.

Lumira® Aerogel Particles from Cabot Aerogel

Lumira® aerogel from Cabot Aerogel is an eco-friendly solution for high-performance thermal management and energy-efficient daylighting systems.  Lumira aerogel offers simultaneous excellent light transmissive properties and low thermal conductivity make it an ideal material for fenestration applications.

Lumira aerogel’s properties include:

  • 0.7-4.0 mm particle size range
  • ~20 nm pore diameter
  • >90% air by volume
  • 0.120-0.180 g/cc material density
  • 0.065-0.085 g/cc fill density
  • Hydrophobicity (i.e., material is moisture-proof, water-repelling, and stable to the environment)
  • 600-800 m2/g specific surface area
  • 91% per cm light transmission
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity (0.09 to 0.12 W/m-K)
  • Reusability and cradle-to-cradle certification

Evaluation-sized quantities of LA1000 Lumira aerogel are available for purchase online now at BuyAerogel.com.

More information about Lumira aerogel and its applications can be found on Cabot’s Lumira aerogel datasheet and on Cabot’s daylighting applications site.

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Thermal Wrap™ Low-Dust Superinsulating Blankets from Cabot Aerogel

Thermal Wrap™ from Cabot Aerogel is a low-dust insulating aerogel blanket comprised of water-repelling aerogel particles combined with non-woven polymer fibers.  Thermal Wrap is easy to handle, compressible, conformable, and delivered in rolls providing for rapid and automated installation.

About Thermal Wrap:

  • Low thermal conductivity (~22 mW/m-K at room temperature)
  • 56-cm (22″) standard width
  • Delivered in rolls in up to 100 m lengths
  • Available in 3.5,  6.0, and 8.0 mm thicknesses
  • 0.70 g/cc (4.37 lbs/ft3) bulk density
  • Tensile strength of ~517 kPa (~75 lbs/in2)
  • Operating temperature -200°C-125°C continuous (up to 160°C thermal spikes)
  • Light transmissibility~25%/cm

Thermal Wrap is ideal for use as low-dust general superinsulation and in architectural daylighting applications.

Evaluation-sized cuts of Thermal Wrap are available for purchase now at BuyAerogel.com.

More information about Thermal Wrap may be on Cabot’s Thermal Wrap datasheet and Cabot’s Thermal Wrap site.

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Cryogel®, Spaceloft®, and Pyrogel® High-Performance Superinsulating Blankets from Aspen Aerogels

Superinsulating aerogel blankets from Aspen Aerogels offer superior thermal insulation that is three to five times more insulating than polyurethane foam or Styrofoam® per unit thickness in a flexible form factor.  These properties make Aspen Aerogels’ blankets ideal for insulating applications in the oil and gas industry, plants and refineries, construction, and more.  Aspen Aerogels’ aerogel blankets can also be rolled and cut and are hydrophobic (water-repelling) to prevent CUI (corrosion under insulation) that is typical of  insulating materials such as mineral wool and fiberglass.

Aspen Aerogels blankets are available in three general product lines:

  • Cryogel®, optimized for cryogenic applications including cryogenic pipelines, vessels, and OEM and fabricator applications
  • Spaceloft®, optimized for sub-ambient to ambient applications including interior and exterior walls, floors, and roofs in residential, industrial, and modular buildings
  • Pyrogel®, optimzied for high-temperature applications including medium-to-high pressure steam pipes and pressure vessels, aerospace engineering, fire barriers, and welding blankets

Properties of Aspen Aerogels blankets include:

  • Extremely low thermal conductivity (0.15-0.21 W/m-K, depending on product)
  • 0.110-0.180 g/cc (7-11 lbs/ft3) bulk density
  • 150-cm (59″) standard width
  • Delivered on rolls
  • Can be cut and sewn
  • Maximum operating temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F) (product dependent)

Evaluation-sized cuts of Aspen Aerogels products are available for purchase now at BuyAerogel.com.  For larger sizes, please contact us.

For more information about Aspen Aerogels products, visit Aspen Aerogels’ product grid or contact us.

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Buying Aerogel Materials

Aerogel Technologies makes buying aerogels easy.  Stock shapes, sizes, and quantities of monolithic aerogels, Airloys™, aerogel particles, and insulating aerogel blankets are available for purchase now at our online store BuyAerogel.com.

Aerogel Technologies sells directly to individuals, companies, and research institutions all around the world and happily provides follow-up support for how to most effectively incorporate aerogels into your application.  Visit BuyAerogel.com today or contact us.
For alternative payment options, bulk quantity quotes, and customized aerogel materials, please contact us.
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Yes, We Can Make That

Aerogel Technologies provides custom aerogel manufacturing and research and development services.  Please see our custom solutions page for more information.