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Revolutionary Airloy™ Ultramaterials

Airloys are a new class of advanced engineering materials that combine the strength of conventional plastics with the low density and superinsulating properties of aerogels.  Airloys are strong, stiff, and tough and are among the world’s bestthermal and acoustic insulators.  Like classic aerogels, airloys exhibit ultra high internal surface area and can be electrically insulating or conductive.

Strong, Machinable, Superinsulating Aerogels

Airloys are typically three to fifteen times lighter than conventional plastics and ceramics and are available in densities ranging from 0.01 to 0.9 g/cc.  Unlike classic aerogels, Airloys are easy to machine, waterproof, and non-brittle.  Airloys are not restricted in composition to any one particular substance and can be made from ceramics, polymers, carbon, metals, carbides, and combinations thereof.

Learn more about airloys at Airloy.com.