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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Form

Planet Fitness attracts people by offering lower registrations and a monthly fee for a longer membership period. Fitness club enthusiasts find these benefits attractive and quickly grab the first offer they get. Once hired, fitness club members find it difficult to terminate their membership, even if they wish to. Planet Fitness members are frustrated when they finally realize that the club is simply not for them. It becomes even more annoying when the member has to move to another place where there is no Planet Fitness. For all locations that are currently closed, we have proactively frozen all memberships on your behalf. No fees will be charged until your club reopens. I asked to be cancelled and in the last 3 months you have all tried to debit my old account because you all said you couldn`t take a chime, for which I get paid every week. What a slap in the face is when you say that my money is not good, but you all top up my old account and want 3 months of payment that I could not even use the gym because you did not let me pay, you could not all take chime, but continue to top up my old account, this as a skylight payment card. I haven`t even had to use the gym in months when I want to do without the 75, it`s. You are all the ones who don`t take my Chime card with which I pay, but want me to transfer money from my chime to the skylight card every month to pay all it costs to do so, and why should I pay with a card I no longer use. Lebanon, Tn. Planet Fitness is very shitty for me.

I couldn`t use the gym but you want me to pay for the last 3 months but I couldn`t use it. I asked to cancel 3 times so that you all stop withdrawing money from the old account and top it up when I stop using it. I will not come back after that reason, because it is ridiculous. You will take a card that does not contain money but would not take into account the real account on which my check goes. Why should I pay for 3 months if I couldn`t even use the gym as it wasn`t paid. You`re probably spending more money on subscription services than you think. On average, an American spends up to $237 per month on subscription services and paid subscriptions! My membership can be cancelled on April 10th. In accordance with our terms and conditions, please confirm this letter as your official notice of my intention to terminate my Planet Fitness subscription. To meet Planet Fitness` cancellation policy, write a 1-page document asking the gym to cancel your subscription. To let them know that the letter is genuine, provide your driver`s license number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. If you wish to cancel in person, visit your gym and give the document to a member representative.

You can also cancel your membership by sending the document to your gym in the form of a registered letter. After cancellation, keep track of your bank account to make sure the charges stop. For tips on how to get a waiver of your fitness fees, read on! Planet Fitness is aware of their membership, which means that if you want to leave the club for any reason, their membership advisor will give you the right advice, and if you have decided to leave the club, they will make other arrangements for you. I tried to cancel my subscription, they told me to go to the store, I tried that they said, call the company I also tried. Please cancel Note your billing cycle: As with most fitness contracts, you treat the Planet Fitness membership agreement as a lease. There is both a 30-day notice and an early cancellation fee. If you do not do so in accordance with the terms of the agreement, you may have to pay for your contract in full. Frustrated paying for subscriptions you don`t even use? You are not alone.

DoNotPay allows you to manage and cancel all your subscriptions and subscriptions, saving you time and money! Here are some additional subscriptions we`ve helped our users cancel: Unfortunately, you can`t cancel a Planet Fitness subscription online or using an app. In addition, you must visit the Planet Fitness Club in person and complete a membership cancellation form. In the second paragraph, provide information about your contract and indicate that you have concluded your agreement. .