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Custom Solutions


Aerogels are a class of materials diverse in composition, properties, and capabilities. A specially formulated aerogel material may be the ideal solution for your technology needs.

Aerogel Technologies is the world’s largest custom solutions provider of aerogel materials, providing advanced capabilities including:

  • Custom aerogel monolith shapes and sizes
  • Custom aerogel thin films, particles, and composites
  • Custom aerogel formulations
  • Custom applications integration
  • Materials properties characterization
  • Cost modelling
  • Production representative process development
  • Intellectual property development


Types of Custom Solutions Projects

Custom solutions projects fall into one of four categories:

  • Type 1: Custom quantities or slight alterations of materials we make regularly, priced in the hundreds of dollars range
  • Type 2: Customization of shape, density, or formulation of a material that is known and we have made, priced in the thousands of dollars range
  • Type 3: Custom material with a formulation that has been demonstrated in the literature or that requires some R&D to implement, priced in the tens of thousands of dollars range
  • Type 4: Custom material with no precedent in literature, priced in the hundreds of thousands dollars range

Pricing for these services is determined according to project difficulty, part quantity, and schedule.

Technical Capabilities

Below is a list of some of the special capabilities Aerogel Technologies can provide for your custom aerogel materials project.

Special Quantities, Shapes, and Sizes

  • Bulk orders of stock materials
  • Larger and smaller sizes of stock materials
  • Monoliths, particles, thin films, and composites
  • 3D shapes and features
  • Microtemplating—microchannels, micropockets
  • Custom strong aerogels
  • Rastering of bitmaps on aerogels
  • Functional forms such as rings, discs, and rods
  • Machining of aerogels
  • Small parts with sub-millimeter features
  • Precision tolerance parts
  • Complex internal features
  • Embedded elements

Special Formulations

  • Metal oxide aerogels: transition, lanthanide, actinide, main group, mixed matrices
  • Polymer aerogels: resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF), polyurea, polyurethane, polyimide
  • Carbon aerogels, metal aerogels, and metal carbide aerogels
  • Aerogel nanocomposites and x-aerogels
  • Strength-enhanced and machinable formulations
  • Specific densities
  • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface chemistries
  • Catalyst design and characterization
  • Ultrahigh-temperature materials
  • Aerogel sensors

Research and Development

  • Formulations research and development
  • Applications research and development
  • Product integration
  • Materials properties characterization

Process and Pricing

Contact us to start the conversation. Let us know what product or aspect of aerogels you are interested in and what your application needs are. Our team of scientists and engineers will assess your needs and propose an aerogel solution.

Special discount pricing may be available for bulk orders of stock materials and large custom formulations orders.

  • Custom shapes, sizes, and features typically involve a custom tooling fee and per-part pricing proportional to the size and complexity of the part requested.
  • Specialty compositions typically involve an additional formulations fee. Exotic and new formulations are more expensive than common compositions (such as silica, metal oxides, polymers, and carbon).
  • Lead times vary depending on project size, scope, and complexity.

Thank you for interest in aerogels and let us help you engineer limitless possibilities.

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